O.N.A.K.A.I. information for clubs returning to training.


Keith Nulty, 22

I have been practicing Karate for about eleven years now, for my younger brother, sister and myself joining Larkhill Karate Club was a way of making friends outside of school and being active while having fun. Little did I know how far it would take me.
I have Cerebral Palsy, Asthma and Epilepsy. Practicing Karate has made a huge difference to my flexibility, balance, gait, fitness and lots more. It has given me experiences that a person with a disability may not otherwise have.

It has opened up career choices too, I won a sports scholarship to IT Tralee where I hope to learn how to become a coach for Adapted physical activity (APA). I became the World inclusive Kumite Champion in 2016. I try not to let my disability hold me back.

Eoghan Caulfield, 12

I am part of Ripples Karate. I started karate 4 and a half years ago, with Brian Carroll. I had tried karate before but not like this. I didn't feel like myself there. It was great to be with children who were like me and a Sensei who could understand that everyone learns in different ways. Since then, I have graded to brown belt, I have represented Ireland in Belgium at the I-Karate World Championships in April 2016 and I have entered many competitions. The last one was in Cork on February 5th where for the first time there was an Inclusion Section in the competition.

I am very proud to have won my section. I not only now do the Ripples Karate sessions, thanks to all Brian's help and encouragement, I also do 2 mainstream sessions in Karate Ash with Brian. This has built my confidence up greatly. I love karate and it has become a very important part of my life. I look forward to representing Ireland in other competitions in the future.

Aisling O'Reilly

Aisling joined Ripples Karate for children and teens with Autism in 2013. With high functioning autism, Aisling struggles with social interaction and has many sensory problems like sounds and visuals.

Ripples Karate has helped Aisling to interact with other people, make friends and become part of a team. Karate has helped reduce challenging behaviour and enhance her health, building confidence and quality of life. (John O'Reilly - Aisling's father).